Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thursday Movie Picks: Journalists/Reporters for Print/TV

Unfortunately, all my picks are American. I was hoping to get some others in there but its the American films anout journalits, reporters and TV reporters that I remember. I had quite a few I wanted to pick but narrowed it down. Two horrible people and a room full of greats. Don't forget to check out what Wandering Through the Shelves picked, the blog that started Thursday Movie Picks.

1. The Paper
I remember seeing this by chance and getting hooked (must have been the Michael Keaton factor) and I think my parents said it was great and that Keaton and Glen Close have a fight, so I had to see it, just for that. Set in one days about various people who all work for a newspaper. Its all about the headline and the story and about going with instict instead of the what they're told to do. And its all set in 24 hours. Great cast and special funny moment and character goes to Randy Quaid as the weird columnist.

2. Nightcrawler
The title describes Jake Gyllenhaal's character so well and the term used for what he does which is film violent accidents and aftermath of crimes and sells them to a cable news channel. Bloom (Gyllenhaal) is literally the scrum of the earth, he is a horrible being and it actually made me sick to watch this character. I can't say more because I don't want to spoil it th film as I hope I haven't put you off. I couldn't look away I was glued to the screen but the character was too much.

3. Sweet Smell of Success
Another awful character, J.J. Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster), a famous newpaper columnist is a little too obsessed with breaking up his sister's romance. He uses desparate Press Agent Falco (Tony Curtis) to try and do it, causing plenty of problems for him in the process. I honestly can't remember if I've used this film before but this was a perfect pick for the title. Lots of tension and evil looks from Lancaster, the film hints at noir, just on the edge and for me, its just right.

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