Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fandom Friday: OTPs

I'm actually new to this term, OTP. Since being involved in blogging communities, I've seen it more and more on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and of course on blogs. From what I understood, OTPs are pairings in films, TV, comics that fans get obsessed about and root for. I am included in this, as I have found out. The more scientific answer is 'OTP: it is the sole or primary pairing someone is interested in for a given fandom.' Naturally I wanted to pick the 8 sensates from Sense8, but its all about partnerships.

Slight problem with this post is that is has some similarities to a previous Fandom Friday post from last year. Favourite Fictional couples anyone? I've added one that won't be popular, but if I see chemistry, great team work and those who 'just fit', it's an OTP for me.

My number one OTP and maybe the only one that I obsess about. They had a joint name from the start, they are psychically linked, they've saved each other, they are each other's favourite thing. They are the ultimate true paring.

Starbuck & Apollo
This ship, as they say, was never really allowed to set sail. Everything got in the way and I don't just mean the cylons. Best friends who were much more but never really got to explore anything further. They married other people, both ill fated marriages. She died then reappeared and he was the only person who believed in her. They were not given the ending they deserved. 

Nathan & Audrey

A few episodes into season 1 I called it. But what was brilliant is that they became partners, best friends first. They had the room to have other relationships, short lived, but ultimately they ended up obsessed with each other, which was amusing at times and heartbreaking the next. I still haven't watched the last ever episode as the show was great but lost its way towards the end, I don't want the 'troubles' to ruin them.

Snow & Bigby 
For the Fables comic readers out there, you know what I mean. This was an epic romance spanning centuries. Bigby had been in love with Snow since the moment he met her. Snow, who still believed in princes and daring knights, took a while to see that Bigby was all that plus the perfect partner when they both lived in Fabletown. Warriors and lovers. Two very powerful Fable folk, they had their happy ever after and the amazing Wolf Manor to boot.

Peggy & Jarvis
I think I'm the only one who sees this. But there were a few things I picked up on in the first season and a few things in the second. Yes, I know he's married and she's only just got over Cap, but if not a romantic ship, this is definitely a true partnership of brilliance.


  1. Yay, Fitzsimmons made my list too. I absolutely adore them! I also love Peggy & Jarvis together, not romantically, but they're a brill partnership that I can't get enough of. Great choices! :)

  2. Oh FitzSimmons, how you toy with my heart!

  3. YESSSS to Snow and Bigby <3

  4. Yey for the Marvel couples! I know, everyone wants Peggysous and I do too, but Peggy and Jarvis are just brilliant! I can't make ant list without FitzSimmons anymore!

  5. I loved this couple from the start - but Boy Blue was my favourite.

  6. Oh I know! I hope the writer's are kind for the rest of the season.

  7. I almost put Kara and Lee, but their ship also makes me cry. great list

  8. Thanks :) Aw yeh, they're story ended too soon.