Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thursday Movie Picks - Valentine's Edition: Love Triangles

Don't forget to check out what Wandering Through the Shelves picked, the blog that started Thursday Movie Picks.

Keeping the Faith
Straight off, I didn't enjoy this film, but this mostly due to the predictable-ness of it. Three best friends from childhood, Brian, Jake and Anna, now all grown up. Brian is a rabbi who keeps getting set up by people in his congregagtion, Brian is a Catholic priest and happy in his choices. When Anna arrives back in town, the three friends act like no time passes. But ultimately the men's faiths start to get in the way. Brian struggled with his vows as he starts to have feelings Anna. Anna and Brian secretly start sleeping together but because Anna is not Jewish Brian won't take the relationship seriously. Although directed by Edward Norton (and starring as Brian) I actually only watched the film for him, I was disappointed as Anna (Jenna Elfman) is a great character so I just can't understand why she chooses Jake (Ben Stiller). Brian is the far better charater and even says he will leave the priesthood. It just doesn't compute.

Summer in February
Based on a true story, this is rather a tragic one set in one the most beautiful places, Cornwall. Focusing around the artists called the Lamorna Group when Florence Carter-Wood joins and grabs the attention of both Alfred Munnings who asks her to pose for his painting and his best friend, Gilbert Evans. Although Florence seems more in love with Evans, she agrees to marry Munnings. A real life love triangle with a scandal and tragedy.

Some Kind of Wonderful
She loves him, he loves someone else and she is going out with another guy. Unrequited love all round. Keith is being pushed to go to college by his dad but all he wants to do is go on a date with Amanda. Watts, Keith's best friend is in love with him but still goes ahead to help him pull of an epic date to impress Amanda. Classic 80s teen romance film.

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