Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I wrote this in the summer for a competition. After reading it my sister laughed and called me 'Katie 'bitter much' Hogan'. Can't help it if I dislike cliche films.


He drops to his knees, holds out the ring
Looks into her eyes, the piano plays
She has tears in her eyes and joy in her smile
And quietly she replies, just simply ‘Yes’
It’s a moment so special, delightful and fine
And yet it feels quite dull, almost practiced
Even though someone’s obviously forgotten a line
It’s too sentimental,
It’s slightly grotesque
It’s literally a cliché

No hope in the characters
Being that slightest bit diverse
She’s too poor; he’s far too rich
She’s a lady and he’s a tramp
He’s from the south; she’s from the north
She is beauty and he is the beast
But a change in location, period and dress
There in some variety in these films at least

From exposition to climax
From ‘meet point’ to break up
To the picturesque final scene
Where everything is perfect
No jokes, no laughs maybe just a smile
But we’ve finally come to the end of this god-awful mile

Yes it’s romantic and maybe comedy
But in just a month, one week, two days
Love has unrealistically conquered all in a
A genre overused, over played, over done
A script so weak and a crew so strong
And a cast so beautiful that they are
Entirely wrong
It’s shame that it’s all just a cliché

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