Friday, 29 April 2011

An Ode To The Seaside Maybe

Something I was working on late one night. Might work on it for that creative competition. But I do have a few other ideas up my sleeve.

The Sublime (version 1)

A true artform
Light unknown
A shining ray
Upon my closed eyes
And a careless breeze
From the waves afar
Creates a picture so perfect
That the pieces cannot break

The sun and me
The moon and I
A cherished moment
That is ours alone
It cannot be shared
This bearable solitude
I wish it would never end

I shout to the sea
All the secrets I’ve been told
Cruel words and lies
Of heartaches and breaks
And my own harrowing pains
The waves call back to me
With comfort and cries
“Tell me your burdens
Forget you have pride
All worries and woes
With leave me
As swiftly as the wind blows”

My whispers and words
Become drowned in the waves
The soft sea breeze
Clearing my lungs
And I am able to breath
With the greatest of ease
Just as the waves promised
I feel as light as air
As bright as the sunshine
And without but one care

For I wonder and doubt
When will it be
The sun and me
The moon and I
Us carefree three
When will it be
Just us and the sea
Once more

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