Sunday, 8 May 2011

Comics and Moomins and Olives oh my!

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, which I was lucky enough to stumble across while walking around town. Unfortunately there wasn't much left to choose from so I picked up the one called 'Witch & Wizard, which looked ok. I am more likely to pick up a comic that has 'wizard' in the title than one that has a fat guy in a helmet on the cover, most off putting. I haven't talked about comics yet and I really should have. Here are some comics that people should be reading:
  • Fables (has 15 volumes published already and they have all featured in the New York Times best selling list)
  • House of Mystery (same author, different crazy story every month, but I should say the earlier comics were a tad better than they are now, the story has strayed from the path)
  • Morning Glories (quite a new comic, about a group of teenagers who may or may not have unusually skills. They are taken away to  a mysterious academy where more questions arise)
  • Cinderella: Fables Are Forever ( the second spin off from Fables about Cinderella and her special missions)
  • Dollhouse (filling in the gaps)
Next year I think I'll venture to a bigger comic book shop to see what treasures I can find . . .

Other than realising it was comic book day, I also ventured around the market and oh what a marvelous market it was. The food looked delicious, especially the mouth watering olives! I was treated to a large container of various olives and some amazing bread, a focaccia I believe which I enjoyed with some olive oli and balsamic vinegar. I was then treated to (one of my favourite animated characters) a Moomin keyring. A small event of the day, but I used to collect keyrings when I was younger so getting a Moomin one made the day!

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