Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Scandalous Affairs of Barbara & Boris Hoganstein: Part 4

I apologise for the long wait dear friends, but now the story can continue.

Who was this man? What was his mistake? What secrets had he been hiding?

The last event that took place was the murder of the blonde intruder. He had made a mistake but the Hogansteins had made a mistake far worse than his. A murder is easy to commit, (whether it is passion or planned) but difficult to get away with. Left standing over the body of the scruffy haired stranger, the couple had to catch their breath. After a minutes' pause they looked at each other. And for a moment their arguments and quarrels seemed so small, almost forgotten. They reached out to each other, blood covered hands holding on so tight. They needed to act fast, after all they did have a Halloween Ball to get to.

First Barbara fetched the old red rug from the dinning room. It had been a wedding gift from her Aunt Sylvette, an aunt she wasn't too fond of. They both hated the rug and had only put it in the dinning for the benefit of Aunt Sylvette who had visited a few years back. The couple had never bothered to remove the rug once she had gone. Now it had a purpose, it was to be wrapped around the body and moved to the boot of the car.

Thinking it best that at least one of them show up to the party in good time, they decided to flip a coin to see who would bury the body. Boris called 'heads'.

The body was buried in Farlee Woods not far from the Watch Tower, close to an old oak tree. A special place for the Hogansteins as this was were they said they loved one another for the first time. Now it was where the body of the blonde intruder lay, six feet beneath the ground.

But what of his mistake and these secrets? These are questions that only the Hogansteins neighbours can answer. And I must say, they are a curious bunch.

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