Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Swear Miss Marple Was Filmed Here

I'll start off with a Eurovision mention. First of all, the country that won, Azerbaijan, had a really bad song and should not have won, but then I reminded myself that all the countries vote politically (apart from UK and Ireland) and plus, the competition was fixed. The comment made by Graham Norton at the end "Azerbaijan were desperate to win as they have enough money to host the Eurovision" this confirms that it was fixed, shame, I liked Moldova's entry.
Moving on.

Yesterday I (and Amy) finally visited Hatfield House and I was pleasantly surprised. After three years of living in Hatfield I finally saw the famous House. I expected to just see a large old house but no, there was a small courtyard of shops. The buildings were fantastic, it was great to see. It was also a strange feeling knowing that all this interesting history was in Hatfield! It got a little stranger when we walked around the MASSIVE park. It seemed to stretch for miles. It was amazing, mainly because I couldn't believe we were still in Hatfield. We couldn't understand where they had been hiding all this land. We did attempt to find the famous oak tree which Elizabeth I was sitting under when she found out she was Queen. But after a nice old couple showed us their guide we all realised it wasn't actually there, but instead a another tree was planted in memory of that tree. The house was amazing too, I particularly enjoyed the library, so many books. It looked to me, like a smaller scale Beauty & The Beast type library. But it was a shame the staff weren't so nice. I expect it was because we were students. When we first walked up the small hill and saw the house I did get pretty excited because I realised that an episode of Miss Marple was filmed there, that was definitely a highlight


  1. Hafield house looks really pretty, surprising as it's Hatfield who would have thought anything interesting/exciting happened there (apart from your parties of course) :)

  2. yes our parties are pretty cool hehe. you should come and visit the house, you would love the library