Friday, 18 May 2012

Challenge Excepted!

No one challenged me, apart from my self.

I recently watched Julie & Julia, which (I will mention it in my May Watch List at the end of the month) inspired me to come up with my own challenge. I needed something film related, of course, and I needed to be an actual challenge. My first thought was to watch ALL of Hitchcock's films but because I've already watched quite a lot of them I thought there was little point in it. Ideally I would have loved to try going to a film festival on each continent but that's very expensive. So, drumroll please, my challenge I have set myself is . . . .

To watch a film from as many different countries as possible and I am giving myself 6 months to do this in. Starting from now until October (just in time for the BFI London Film Festival and also because I already have a few films lined up.

To give you an idea of how many countries I am attempting here is my map that I am going to use:

Already lined up are Italy, Ireland and Japan.

Wish me luck and if anyone has any film recommendations for any countries please let me know!

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