Thursday, 17 May 2012

Marvelous Mugs

Behold, most of my mug/cup collection!

Some people collect figurenes, some people collect toys, some people collect old coins but me I collect DVDs and mugs, glorious mugs. If the design is creative, awesome or just fun, I've got to have it. Instead of buying the t-shirt or jumper I'll buy the mug (or poster) to show I'm a fan.

From the top left: 1. Alice in Wonderland mug, Urban Outfitters 2. Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Disney World (a present) 3. Kelloggs Frosties, Urban Outfitters (also a present) 4. Moustache Mug, Urban Outfitters (also a present) 5. Forever Friends, Paperchase 6. Seal, Chessington World of Adventures 7. BFI, Movie-Con 2 event 8. My mug that I painted, somewhere in Surbiton 9. Tea cup, Charity shop 10. Snorkmaiden mug, Ebay (where else) 11. Eeyore sketch mug, Disney Store 12. Kermit, Disney Store 13. Candy striped, Berlin

14. A new addition, which I bought after this photo was taken. Game of Thrones: Targaryen, Forbidden Planet.


  1. Cool picture, it's much better that you can display the collection in full view on the shelves! Liking the new addition too. You should've called this post 'Mug Love' :)

    1. heheh yes that is rather clever, I used them all wen i was at uni, but some of them are stored away. for now.

  2. Oh I need this Alice mug so bad.
    I'm searching for it since one year but can't find it anywhere ;_____;
    It was sold out in every Urban Outfitters-store when it came out.
    Do you know where I can get one?
    Thanks before!
    Greetings from Germany.