Tuesday, 8 May 2012

For The Love Of A Magazine

You know when you want something. You start to think it about more and more until the need for this thing/item/object takes over and you can't think about anything else. You start to think of ways to obtain said thing/item/object even if it means traveling far, or in the rain or if its a horrible place, like Primark or Hounslow (look it up and you'll understand). But then you realise the time and you've been making this ridiculous plan for hours and not actually done anything about it.

Does this happen to you? No? Just me? Surely not.

Similar to the sandwich situation (http://eversoethnicallyconfused.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/day-i-missed-my-train-for-sandwich.html) but less dramatic. The item I was looking for was, yes, a magazine. But not your everyday, find anywhere magazine, this was a magazine imported from a America and I was looking for this magazine because I'm just that determined to find hard to find things, especially magazines.

Ever since Boarders closed down in the UK it has become increasingly difficult to obtain certain magazines. Film magazines. I do love my film magazines. Anyway I was looking for the current issue of Filmmaker, simply because Wes Anderson was on the cover. Any information/articles about one of my favourite director warrants me to trek all round London to find this magazine. Alas I couldn't find it anywhere. Some places didn't sell it anymore, BFI I'm talking about you and some places had out of date copies, not helpful. But like a crazed person I walked everywhere in the hope of finding it. Instead I settled for Sight & Sound which all had a Wes Anderson article. I admit I have had some epic journeys to find just an item, sometimes its an event, sometimes its for a present, those are best kind of quests. I've also done a lot more for a lot less, but when I want something I must have it.

If you are determined to find this thing/item/object you will go through the stages:

1. Temptation: You see it (internet)/hear about it and you want it.
2. Planning: Obsurd ideas start to form.
3. Obsession: You can't think about anything else and to find it becomes soul purpose.
4. Desperation: If you are unlucky not to end your quest at Stage 3, you become annoyed and start bargaining and asking questions, too many questions.
5. Defeat/Victory: It can go either way, you either find it somehow or you are forced to give up.

Hopefully by the end of the week my stage 5 of determination will end in victory.

If you see this (below) tell me!


  1. hmmmm...perhaps you could buy it off the internet....?

    1. no i tried that but they don't ship to the UK for under $40 dollars, thats just crazy