Friday, 1 June 2012

May Watch List: Part 1

Films I watched this month. And yes I have started rating them.

1. Penelope
 A fairy tale about a wealthy family with a curse resulting in the first daughter who is born will have the nose of a pig. Penelope is that girl.
With modern fairy tales its all going to be quite schmaltzy complete with a predictable end. This was a mix between the annoying and obvious romantic comedy flaws. But I did like her coat. 2/5

2. Tower Heist
Employees of a luxury apartment building complex find out that their ridiculously wealthy boss has lost or rather stolen all their pension money, after investing it in his company. A group of them plan to steal it back. Its a comedy crime film with little comedy from the cast. If Eddie Murphy wasn't in the film and if Matthew Broderick was being serious, this could have easily have turned into a serious film. If only. 2/5

3. The Informers
Intertwining stories set in 80's LA. The main stories that take focus are the ones about the rich people and seem far more connected than the random (in my opinion) story about Mickey Rourke kidnapping children and leaving them at his nephew Brad Renfro's house. I wish I had more time to write about this film. I think I should read the book as I feel I would prefer the stories that way. Also I don't have to watch Amber Heard play a slut for the 100th time. 3/4

4. Knight and Day
June Day is on her way home when she bumps into Roy Miller, rogue spy, at the airport. Roy ends up killing everyone on the plane as they are all agents too. He tells June everything and she freaks out. After the plane crashes and June wakes up at home she starts to panic especially as Roy as well as a car full FBI agents follow her. A romantic action comedy, sounds like a film I would enjoy but mock. I actually really enjoyed the film, even though I'm not a big Criuse and Diaz fan, but the latter is really starting to grow on me. 3/5

5. Fanboys
It's 1998 and Four friends travel across country to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to steal Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace before its release. The premise is good but the film was just awful. Too many Star Wars cliche conversations where the friends argue if loving Star Wars is now lame that they're older. Well it is lame. I loved the original Star Wars but these characters are not likable at all. The only funny joke in the film, the only time when I actually laughed was right at the end, where they're sitting in the cinema after waiting a years for it, one guys turns to another and says "what if it sucks?" then the lights dim. Crap film, great last line. 1/5

6. Fever Pitch
Based on Nick Hornby' best selling book about a man who is obsessed with football. He does have a relationship with a fellow teacher but she really can't compete with his love of football. Because I do not like, enjoy, stand football I had no desire to see this film. But by accident I did and I agree with this poster, although i was getting very annoyed, I was laughing out loud. Colin Firth before he was corrupted, brilliant. I still hate football, even more. 3/5

7. Rango
After falling out of a car while it drives through the desert, Rango finds himself in danger. Being a theatrical type he becomes the mysterious Rango, making up a past and personality. But when he becomes the Sheriff of the town of Dirt, he has to solve the ultimate crime. Who's been stealing all the water? Quite enjoyed the concept of desert animals in a Western set up, and not gold but water being kept in the bank as it is that precious. But as usual the criminal is obvious and the hero wins the day. It is a children's film after all, but is did not deserve the Oscar, Tintin should have won. 3/4

8. No Strings Attatched
Acquaintances over the years Emma and Adam end up sleeping together after Adam finds out his ex is dating his famous Dad. They decide to have a 'no string attached' relationship, but of course things go wrong when Adam wants more. Typical rom-com but this time is the guy who is the sap and the woman is the strong one, which I enjoyed. But its obvious flaws are that its predictable and the funny friends never have enough screen time. 2/5

9.The A Team
The TV show turned into a film. First few minutes are how they all met; Hannibal, BA Baracus, Face and Howling Mad Murdock. The plot is the team are framed and sent to prison, well three of them are and Murdock is sent to a mental institute (which I thought was really funny, especially how they break him out). Great film, loved the guns, the action and of course the team. Only thing I didn't care for was that Face had too much time on screen being up himself and there wasn't enough Murdock, Sharlto Copley needed more screen time dammit. 4/5

10. Something Borrowed
Rachel, who has been in love with Dex since Law School, is about to marry her best friend, Darcy. One night after a few drinks she playfully tells him this and they end up sleeping together. He feels the same but doesn't know what to do. Its called a romantic comedy but I saw more as a drama as there are few moments where you want to laugh. The acting is great no one know does heartbreaking like Ginnifer Goodwin. She has been a favourite actress of mine since I saw her in Mona Lisa Smile. But no matter how good she is, the film takes ages to get to a point and Darcy is so dull is obvious from the start that she is not the one. 3/5

May watch list continues . . .

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