Sunday, 24 June 2012

Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

I have been hearing this phrase too many times to count, 'It's not what you know, its who you know' and I am so fed with hearing it. People say and call that advise. It isn't, its just hideously unhelpful.

I have furiously been reading blogs, websites and articles about how people got their first job in Film & TV and most of them just skip that VERY important part of their stories. Only a few times have people said, 'I knew someone' through an obscure connection but most just say they got the job by talking to a random person and they gave them this magical job.

As I read on, trying to find out what they did, I find out that these articles and blog posts are just tricks to make me feel ill. It turns out these people with all this experience never had a relevant degree in the first place. This infuriates me further, mostly because I've experienced this first hand, someone with a Marine Biology was given a job that I was more qualified for, but oh wait her brother's friend's cousin got her the job.

I can feel myself becoming more enraged so this is where I'll calm down. The fact that what you know is irrelevant, especially after three years of training, studying and then a year of experience, paid or unpaid, is worth nothing, its very disheartening. Asking for advise isn't  going well either, as I don't need advise, I need a job. I have advise coming out of my ears and I take it on board but alas, I'm at a stand still.

At this point, determination is the main weapon to continue the fight. Also other projects keep me going, they aren't a distraction, they keep my creativity flowing.

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