Thursday, 28 June 2012

Time Well Spent?

Like a fool, I brought an umbrella out with me today and forgot to wear sun lotion. So I had a heavy bag and most probably damaged skin by the end of the day.

We went from February heat wave to April showers and we are not entering the humid state. I know this, not only from the horrible sick feeling you from standing outside too long but I also had the fan on last night. It's been awhile.

Apart from today I had been putting on sun lotion at the slightest sight of sunshine. This is because during the last heat wave, I was in London when the day started gloomy but I ended up in Hyde Park for most of the day. It was very sunny and warm with a breeze, perfect conditions for me to end up with sun burn on my face and arms. It looked bad an felt the same. So, learning from experience I had to retreat to the shady side of the street with the lack of sun lotion.

The reason for this outing today was I had an interview. I got to the interview, like always, really early. I see this as a good thing. Wrong.

I have been early to all my interviews and each time, the person interviewing me has been late, told me to come back later or made me wait even longer even past the time of agreed interview time. The reactions are either miffted at my earliness or surprised at my promptness.

I have been told since school by everyone that you should always be 20 minutes early for an interview. But so far it has backfired.

Some people say 'you're always late' but the truth is, I'm always early. If I'm waiting on someone, I start doing something else while waiting, then suddenly they say 'I'm ready, what are you doing?". Then it looks like I'm the late on. I always wake up earlier if I want to use the time, for example, I like to watch TV and eat breakfast so I make time. But if I have no reason or time I aim for I will lounge and take my time.

Having learnt from experience I thought I'd just be a tad early this time but I was still early and it backfired. I had to wait in a nearby Cafe Nero which seemed to be full of just men. Weird.

Sometimes the time is not well spent. At least I never think, I could have had more sleep, as it was my doing and my reasons why I got myself up early.

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