Monday, 9 July 2012

Bashing Those Cables

I realise looking at the dates of my posts its been almost a week! But I have some very good excuses. I have been on shoots, working, sleeping, on shoots, working, going to comic con and such. I have a few more posts lined up but that will be for later.

In advance, sorry for no photos, there really wasn't time or the right moment.

On Thursday and Saturday I trained it up to Cambridge, a place I had been only once before. The first time was a film festival and my dad scaring me while punting on the river. This time it was a shoot.

We were filming a lectures on explosions at the Chemistry department of University of Cambridge and it was actually very exciting. Professor Chris Bishop was the scientist conducting these experiments and lectures. If you are interested to learn more about these lectures, there are two others online, but it is best to click on the link above and go from there.

For the shoot was the cable basher, a role I hadn't really done before, but as you can guess it involves me looking after cables and making sure the camera operator doesn't trip over and have enough cable to get round the lecture table and experiments.

The first lecture was amazing, we got see all kinds of explosions and even though it was aimed at children I still found it fascinating. I got to sort of watch from the floor as that is where I mostly was. I was crawling around on the floor holding, pulling and sliding cables all over the place. Luckily no one tripped up or fell over. Although some very stupid children still managed to trip a few times walking across the front of the lecture theatre which they weren't supposed to be doing. Fools.

For the lecture on Saturday we had two extra cameras to film the entire lecture and because the close up camera and mysekf were at the front we had keep down, very close to the floor the whole time. After the last lecture I asked the producer if everything had gone ok and she said that they couldn't see me or the camera op, we were very well hidden. So well hidden she started to worry where we had gone. This meant I had done my job perfectly. Phew.

Great shoot, great crew and awesome explosions, an unsual shoot and a fantastic experience, even those my legs are quite bruised.

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