Saturday, 21 July 2012

Enter the Car Park, If You Dare

Last week was number two of RAAR! Films short film shoots in preparation for Flamingo Close. This time it was in a car park, at night and with the most important ingredient, ZOMBIES!

Seeing as it was a night shoot cast and crew gathered in a car park in St Albans at 18:00. Cast got into make up and crew set up the shots. My role this time was round was production assistant and I had great fun wondering around, checking we were on schedule, getting forms signed and carrying my rucksack around. I got called Dora the Explorer, which was amusing.

This shoot was also quite special for me as I wrote the script, 'Cass' so I was very excited on set. Playing the part of Cass, the woman in the car when zombies attack, was played by Laura Lexx. For those who saw my film Space Detective, you might recognise her. Playing her friend fetching the supplies was Katherine Rodden and what a marvelous team they are.

This short was funded by friends, family, supporters and those who love film on IndieGoGo and there is actually a teaser up on the website. Link is below:

Keep your eyes peeled for more news of the finished film. In the meantime, head over to RAAR! Films Facebook page

And have a read of Laura Lexx's blog and webite:

Here are some black and white stills from the shoot, just to keep you excited for more Flamingo Close goodness.

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