Monday, 16 July 2012

Watching the Famous From a Safe Distance

The busy time is over and so now I have a little more time to write.

Back to the blog world!

If anyone went to the London Film and Comic Con this year you might have noticed the excellent new venue, the mighty Kensington Olympia and all the glorious space. And you might have noticed that talks aren't free anymore which is great shame. Whenever I have been to the event in previous years whether I had money or not I could always go to a talk. But this year all the talks (worth going to) were very expensive, £15, which is as much as some autographs. I noticed that next to no one was at these talks either. This meant for both Game of Thrones and Firefly talks I had to watch from outside the practically boxed off talk area.

 The Bat Mobile was there

In fact some of the more famous/popular actors were boxed off from others in the autograph signing section. Security was also tighter, no one could hardly stand close enough to take photos anymore. I saw several security people go and shout at people standing near the signing section who were holding cameras. 

The stalls were just as good but I couldn't find any Fables or Vertigo comics. My sister went the day before and she found loads. I guess there's always next time. Finding no comics aside, I did find the amazing mug stall, so many mugs and I got my usual postcard and a few badges. I saw this blast from my childhood past.

Thought this was a gem

What I did love was the independent artist rows, all the indie comics drawn, written, made by the artists. I got a few things from an illustrator I saw last year, Jess Bradley's drawings are so cute and fun. I also got a new comic called Madame Butterscotch who is a hired assassin and tea shop owner.

Here is the link to website:

And here is Jess Bradley's blog link

Although I didn't get any autographs I had a good time but I'm still annoyed about having to pay for talks.

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