Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Watch List

 Very few new films this month, but then again, there have been some transferred to the World Film Challenge. Here are the precious few.

1. Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Set up like a typical horror film, a group of young college students go camping in the woods but get caught up with a couple of murderous hillbillies. Except they don't. Tucker and Dale are just two best friends going to spend a weekend in their newly rented holiday cabin. Unfortunately the cabin was were gruesome murders took place decades before. And the main reason why the college kids think they are murderous is because a guy in the group told them of a really twists tale. Fantastic idea with a great cast. Each accidental death is hilarious, especially the wood chipper one. Only one gripe and this may just be personal taste, but I think the roles between Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine should have been reversed, Alan Tudyk is far more convincing as a lead and Labine plays a good side kick. 3/5

2. Snow White & The Huntsman
We all know the tale of Snow White but this film twists that tale (or was meant to) ever so slightly. Instead of Snow White falling for the Prince, which she kind of does, she likes the Huntsman. Actually I'm not too sure as Kristen Stewart was really difficult to read. She either looked sick or pissed off throughout the film. The other twist is that she leads the charge against the evil Queen. She gives the most unconvincing speech beforehand. Otherwise, the film had similar pattern with slight changes to the original tale. I thought Chris Hemsworth wasn't that impressive either, he wasn't sure what kind of character he was playing, plus his Scottish accent was dodgy. The dwarfs were amazing as was the special effects, particularly the evil Queen's mirror. Apart from these small things and the fact that the filmmakers completely ripped Princess Monoke, the film was ok, but I did expect more as the trailers were epic. 3/5

3. Man on a Ledge
Just like the film 'The Ledge' this film was about a man, standing on a ledge. The title is self explanatory. Sam Worthington is a wrongfully accused policeman and part of his plan is to stand on a ledge to proof his innocence. I thought this film was about nothing. I kept expecting the film to pick up to a big climax but nothing happened. Ultimately this was a big hyped film that was dull. Even Jamie Bell couldn't pick it up. By the end I was just glad that I never paid to see it at the cinema. 2/5

4. Goon
When this film first came out, I really thought it was utter mush and predictable sport/emotional journey with violence and comedy. Oh how I was wrong. Sean William Scott is Doug, a bar bouncer who has the amazing ability to beat people up. He is quite simple but so adorable. He gets the chance to be the enforcer on a minor leage ice hockey team and things start to change for Doug.

At first I was put off by SWS himself but he play Doug so well, I actually cared about this character. The fact it was a sort of sport film put me off too, but the games in the film are awesome, everyone gets beaten up, I loved it. The script, if a little thin but still enjoyable, was written by Canadian actor Jay Baruchel (who is also in the film) and Evan Goldberg (Superbad writer), this is their first duo script. A really fun film and an excellent example of when I have misjudged a film. 4/5

5. Prometheus
Review to this follow soon!

6. The Other Guys
I have wanted to see this film for ages, mostly because Micheal Keaton was in it and partly because Mark Wahlberg was doing a comedy. The story is basically this, Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel) a annoying paperwork enthusiast and Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg) a hot headed cop with anger issues, are New York City detectives, but are over shadowed by all the other cops. They stumble upon a financial conspiracy and have to learn to work with out each other. I really enjoyed this film, the story was clever too but I really didn't like Ferrel's character. I found him infuriating and blank, he had a few funny moment, particularly when he was telling a story of when he was back in college but otherwise disappointing. Both Keaton and Wahlberg was hilarious and the latter had the best line of the film "I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!". Funnier in context. 3/5

7. A Monster in Paris
An over looked piece of magical animation. Set in Paris during the Seine flood in 1910, Emile is a shy projectionist and is in love with Maud who also works at the cinema. Emile's friend Raoul is an extravagant delivery driver and inventor. The two of them, on a routine delivery, end up at an scientist's lab. After an accident with some chemicals and a flee from a monkey, a 'monster' is created. This flee has not only grown 7ft in size but has also gained some musical talent. He ends up on Lucille, a cabaret singer's doorstep. She takes him and makes him part of her act. They are a huge hit but when Chief of Police, Maynott finds out the whereabouts of the 'monster' the group have to hide the 'monster' and save him from being hunted. The film was so much fun and such a difference from all the other animated films that have been released recently. It was just a shame that it never got the release it deserved or the recognition. 4/5

8. Like Crazy

This film touches on those trans-Atlantic romances and long distance relationships that happen. The couple in the film, the marvelous British Felicity Jones and the awesome American Anton Yelchin. Writer Anna (Jones) is studying in L.A when she meets and falls in love with furniture designer Jacob (Yelchin). She decides to spend the summer in America with Jacob knowing her visa has expired. When she tries to re-enter the country she is sent home with a ban on any further visas, keeping the couple apart. The script was entirely improvised and you can tell as the emotions and conversations feel real. The pain that these characters are going through is laid bare on screen and you genuinely want these characters to find happiness. It was heartbreaking to the end and although people have said the state of their future relationship is unclear I like to think they recapture what they has from the start. 4/5

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