Thursday, 10 October 2013

Climbing the Pumpkin Mountain

I do love pumpkin. Oh yes I do! And my love on the pumpkin is not weird this month because October is the month of pumpkins.

I remember back in Uni my housemate made amazing pumpkin soup. It was so delicious. I hope if she makes it this month she makes it in my honour, if she doesn't, no matter, I understand, but I still love pumpkin.

I went crazy last week when I found out pumpkin spice lattes were back in Starbucks and then when I finally got my hands on one I was running around trying to get signal so I could snapchat my friend a photo of me drinking one. I am literally pumpkin crazy right now.

Actually, no matter the month, I love pumpkin, even more so because, don't laugh, I realised pumpkin is a vegetable. Vegetables and I aren't on good terms but since this discovery, again, please don't laugh, I have eaten many of the pumpkin's relatives, in other words, root vegetables. I was already obsessed with butternut squash before.

Moving swiftly on. I recently found a gluten/wheat free baking book and was desperate to make the pumpkin pie, 80% because its pumpkin and 20% because I really wanted to use my pie dish again. I haven't used it since University. But, alas I hadn't the correct ingredients to hand so I choice another recipe; Pumpkin and Walnut Cake. But minus the walnuts, I'm allergic to nuts too.

This is what it was meant to look like and apart from the icing, mine wasn't far off.


Any of you keen eyed foxes would have noticed the oven gloves. A birthday present from my friend, the pumpkin soup maker in fact.

The icing was quite runny, I should have added more icing sugar. When I poured it on the cake, it dripped right off the plate, hence why I had to put some newspaper down, passion fruit and icing sugar is very sticky and difficult to clean off the table.

Not to sound too big headed but the cake is delicious. It was so great to finally eat a cake that was wheat/gluten free. I was also thrilled with the result because I hadn't made a cake or anything from scratch in a while.

I couldn't wait to try it.

I think when I make it again, and I will, its pumpkin, I will add more icing sugar to the icing, but the passion fruit tasted so good.

Ok enough of me going on about pumpkins.

One last word, I might make pumpkin cupcakes next . . .                  

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