Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Fables Universe is Forever Ever After Expanding

I just found this out, yesterday.

A 'Fables' adaptation is in the works, again, this time as a film. This is according to The Hollywood Reporter by the way and you can read about it here.

Cover of the first collected issues, Legends in Exile, illustrated by James Jean

The last time it was mentioned on the internet that the award winning comic series by Bill Willingham, it was going to be a TV series created by ABC. ABC made the inferior (at first) Once Upon a Time that was just like 'Lost' but with fairytale characters and was actually heavily influenced by the Disney characters instead. The second series of the show was far better but there should still be a Fables TV series. Those who do watch the show and read the comic would have seen that season three of the show is set in Neverland and of all the people, Peter Pan is an evil villain. Readers of Fables know what I am talking about when I mention this. I was under the impression that Peter Pan and all of J.M Barrie's characters were not available under public domain . . .

The comic book series was created back in 2002 and is still going strong today. The highly acclaimed series has spawned three spin-off series; Jack of Fables, Cinderella, Fairest, as well as a novel and two stand alone graphic novels with a third on its way. There is also an art book, Fables: Covers by James Jean and The Fables Encyclopaedia, which is due to be released this month. There was even a comic book convention in the name of Fables (Fablescon) that took place this year. I wished I could have gone but as I'm stuck in UK, it was impossible.

Yes, the Fables universe is vast and amazing. It combines twist fairytales setting them in a modern day setting. The basic of basic summary of the series is that it deals with various characters from fairytales and folklore from all over the world. They refer to themselves as 'Fables' and they have been forced to leave their 'Homelands' by 'The Adversary' who has taken over. The Fable citizens have set up and have been quietly living in a small community in New York, known as Fabletown. The Fables are unable to blend in the humans or 'mundies', such as monsters and animals, live at 'The Farm' in upstate New York. But this is the bare bones of the background before the first ever story. Anyone who is up to date with the comics knows that this explanation is sort of out of date. A whole lot of other things have occurred.

Now to add to the Universe, is a game! I don't play games but now I will after seeing how amazing it will be!

The Wolf Among Us features Bigby Wolf aka The Big Bad Wold who is the Sheriff of Fabletown. He is charged with keeping order and keeping the secret community secret from the 'mundane' world.

After watching the demo and the characters actually coming to life in any capacity is exciting. As I said I don't know much about games so I won't bore people with my lack of knowledge. You can read about the game and see the demo here.

For a list of the collected issues, graphic novels, novel, art books and spin-offs look here.

Start reading Fables, let yourself be immersed in the ever expanding Fables universe!

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