Thursday, 17 October 2013

Murder, Mayhem and Excellent Service

Taking a moment away from the BFI London Film Festival, I just wanted to tell everyone that Wes Anderson's new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel trailer has landed and it is amazing I wanted to share it.

The trailer was posted by Empire Magazine and can be viewed multiple times here. I would like to point out the hilarious dialogue, the vast talented cast and Tilda Swinton as an old woman in a coffin.
'This trailer makes it clear that the story revolves around Ralph Fiennes' Gustave H, hotel manager and serial guest lover. His travails appear to begin when a deceased client of a certain age, turns up dead in the hotel and leaves him a valuable painting in her will - much to the distress of Adrien Brody's Dmitri.' The design and the story just screams Wes Anderson. Extremely excited. It is a hotel I wish I could stay at, not only for the decor and service but because of all the people in it. And its set in Europe. I will post more about the film as things develop.

The film is out 2014 but this trailer will keep me and other fans occupied until then.

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  1. ah - it looks so good! cannot wait until it's released! x