Sunday, 6 October 2013

Foxes Galore

Today I went to visit my sister and have a wonder around the Crafty Fox Market in Brixton. I think we are definitely becoming or are almost established regulars to the market that is most crafty.

Its always a delight to look at all the stalls, some new and exciting, others we've seen before but have new things on show. I always buy a postcard or two and an amazing cupcake from Teas Knees who have a mini tea room on the second floor of the The Dogstar in Brixton. I also, like I always do, picked up a few business cards, just in case the illustrator, designer or crafter has their own Etsy shop or website that I can browse later. Lots of the stalls had a fox theme or fox gifts, foxes galore!

Crafty Fox is a great place to pick up a gift for a birthday or if you're like me, an extra prepared Christmas present. I know its disgusting when you see shops already decorating their windows with the festive spirit but I always buy my gifts and prep my cards way in advance so I don't get caught up in the Christmas rush. I'm hoping there is a Crafty Fox market nearer December. My sister picked up an awesome plate designed by one of the regular stall holders, Jim Bobart, as a present for someone. An excellent gift. My favourite stall was the Birds in Hats by Alice Tams. I buy something from her every time, can't get enough of those hat wearing birds. They had a pop up boutique vintage sale and screen print your tote bag activity happening on the top floor. I use the one I made last year, I do love a good tote bag.

After the market my sister and I had a look in a second hand book shop, can't believe I've walked past it every time. There was a cute dog lying on the floor and he caught my eye then I realised it was a bookshop. So many marvellous books to stare at but unfortunately not a book I wanted. When I look in a shop like that one, I started looking for one in particular and get frantic when I don't find it. Luckily we left before frantic stage set in.

Market stalls and books and of course a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. They are back and I am extremely excited and I don't care that its over a drink, its coffee, I love coffee.

For anyone reading this now, the market is on tomorrow too.

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