Thursday, 5 September 2013

Attention London Film Lovers!

Here ye! Here ye! The BFI London Film Festival 2013 is almost upon us! The BFI have released the catalogue for this year and all the amazing films, not as many events as I had hoped though.

I haven't received my booklet through the post like a BFI member should, slightly to very annoyed about that.

The films this year are as expected, amazing and too many to mention so go on the website now: 

I am already setting up my spreadsheet to see what I can see when and where, I'm so very excited, its one of the very few events that I wait all year for.


  1. holy crap that 's a lotta films! just clicked through to the list - sounds like a lot of good stuff! x

  2. well you should come too!! although members usually snap up all the tickets x

  3. Have always wanted to go! Maybe it's high time I sign up as a member - what are the perks of being one throughout the year?


    1. ah well the main perks are getting priority booking for all festivals and the monthly programmes and getting money off at the filmstore and all the places inside the bfi like the restaurant and on some tickets. The priority booking part is the best part because all the tickets get snapped up quickly by members. But for this years festival it was 12th Sept alot of the screenings have sold out now. Buuuut never fear they release extra tickets on the day of each screenings so you can always try for tickets then, its an amazing event, you should definitely go!!