Sunday, 29 September 2013

Twists, Numbers and Animal Crackers!


When my sister asked what I would like for my birthday I couldn't think what I wanted, but then I thought of somewhere I wanted to go, Musical Bingo at Drink Shop Do!

Unlike last time we went, which was over a year ago, Musical Bingo took place downstairs at Drink Shop Do. I hadn't been to an event downstairs before so I found the whole thing very exciting.

We were greeted by a gigantic silver glittery sign (above) and shown our reserved seats at the bar. When we arrived there weren't that many people yet but there was one guy at the bar and of all the seats he was in ours so we had to kick him off, in the friendliest way possible of course.

Since we were seated at the bar we were in the perfect place to continuously order Bingotinis. The amazing cocktail that only appears on Musical Bingo nights and it is indeed an addictive and delicious drink. But we did our best to pace ourselves.

The ever amazing host Jess Indeedy introduced the night and explained the game to the newcomers. There was four rounds, each with a theme; 50's, Heartbreakers, Numbers and Animal Crackers (songs with animals in them).

Last time we went to Musical Bingo, we had each one a round but unfortunately we didn't win anything this time. We came close but not close enough. I think it came down to beginner's luck as most of the winners were first timers. Still, we has an awesome time dancing and twisting the songs, singing along with everyone, watching the bartender boogie too. There was a funny moment when my sister mistook a song with the lyrics 'Blazing Horses' for being 'Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran'. It was horses not wolves and they were blazing not hungry. Everyone in the room was having fun.

In between bingo rounds and our cocktails we had great fun playing with the reserved sign that said 'SORRY reserved' but we just used the first part. We used it to express ourselves, it became appropriate for literally everything. A great amusement!

Jess Indeedy along with DJ Helix are at Drink Shop Do for Musical Bingo every month. Look on their website as they do host the event at other venues. 

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