Saturday, 21 September 2013

You Better Get Me To School On Time

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of School of Rock!

Everyone must remember that amazing film where a washed up musician and rock music obsessed Jack Black, who takes a job as a supply teacher, or as the American readers would say, a substitute teacher, under his room mate's name. There he uses his new found teacher powers to create a rock band made up of the talented students, to win a battle of the bands contest. It was amazing then and it is amazing now!

School of Rock was my first ever DVD. It was a birthday present and I remembered it cost £12. I know that because it was from my Nan but I bought it and she wrapped it up for me. I even bought the soundtrack. This film made me want to join a band or be in a band and play an instrument but seeing as it was 2003, I was way past my guitar days. Sad really. But this film did give me something else, along with all those other films I suppose, it gave me the motivation to want to pursue a career in film! Less of an fanfare saying but it really it did make me want to do that. Owning your first DVD was and is a big deal, at least for film lovers. My family's first DVD was Donnie Darko but it was technically my sister's first DVD, but that is a whole other story.

Back to those young rockers now nearly all graduated rockers/working musicians/actors/. The cast recently had a reunion and of course put on a show, here is the performance captured for the fans on youtube.

I still can't get over that this was in 2003, look how young the cast was;

And look at them now!

There is a great article about the cast 'then & now' pictures included.

School of Rock should be shown to the kids, it may encourage them to play an instrument or at least want to leave school in the middle of the day to attend a battle of the bands gig.


  1. god, 10 years! I remember seeing this at the cinema as part of a double date! massive cringe x

    1. hahahah my my that was a decade ago! I remember seeing at the cinema, I loved it so much I bought the soundtrack immediately after