Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cocktails, Strangely Small Booths & Good Times

Yesterday was my (drumroll) birthday. I feel so old, especially after dancing to that song from Bring It On and getting tired half way through the song. I may have lost my youthful stamina or I just need to exercise a hell of a lot more.

Meet up with my friend in the morning-ish for our 5 year pact. Five years ago, when we were in college we made a pact to meet up in 5 years, on my birthday in our Starbuck where we always go. We signed the paper and everything. Well, we did it!! Then we made a new pact, in 5 years time we'll meet at London Zoo, by a certain animal. Why you say? Because we thought it would be a great place to meet.

In the late afternoon to evening I made the crazy journey to Shoreditch, London. I haven't been out much in that area, but I am so glad I chose the venue, The Shoreditch. Even though I  had to book an area and some of the sceurity people were weird, I had a great night. My friends who braved the journey and the ridiculously small table that was meant for me, I thank them again for coming out because I really had a good time. The booth or area reserved for me could fit about 2 people on it (it was meant for 10) so we took over another person's area, Dee's in fact. She wasn't coming until 9pm so we had plenty of time to hang out before going downstairs to the club area which had really cool bookcase wallpaper. To celebrate my friend bought me a sparkling tequila shot. Definitely worth the pain in the morning.

The cocktails were amazing. I do love my cocktails. They were all served in fancy looking glasses too. One in particular, The Happy Buddha, was really good, plus the glass was cool.

It was great start to my (age inserted here)th year. Just hope it all goes smoothly from here.

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