Saturday, 7 December 2013

2nd Week of Advent - B.Z.

Time is moving fast! It's already the 2nd week of Advent so that means its time to put the Christmas tree up.

The Christmas treat of this week is from the classic 1985 film, Santa Claus: The Movie. John Lithgow plays the evil toymaker B.Z. and tries to create 'Christmas 2' by exploiting the elf, Patch, played by Dudley Moore. I used to watch the film every Christmas day without fail, then I stopped waking up at 4am and started getting up at a normal time on the day.

Unfortunately there are next to no videos of John Lithgow, except this one so I have added the trailer in just you can get a feel for this Christmas classic if you have yet to experience this.

I think the best B.Z. moment is when Patch suggests that the special lollipop he makes is given out to children for free. B.Z. is obviously outraged.

Enjoy the classic evil villain.

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