Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Hit, Miss or Maybe

Once again, a small list this month, due to starting a new job and practically no time to indulge in my favourite activity. Going to the Cinema!!

1. Thor: The Dark World

They destroyed that small town in New Mexico, they destroyed New York and now they have destroyed Greenwich! Those Asgardians and affliates have done it again. After Iron Man 3, which was the biggest grossing film of the year apparently, this is the second film in the Marvel Universe set in the aftermath of Avengers. It is brilliant. There is equal action in Asgard and in London, which I enjoyed. It was fun to see my home city on screen that didn't involve gangsters,  cheesy disaster sequences or royalty. This action takes place some time after the events in New York. Loki is in prison and will only be civil to Frigga. My name sake Hogun, one of the warriors three, only features in the beginning. Thor gets updates about Jane from Heimdall. Meanwhile on Earth, Jane is trying to forget about Thor and is failing. The plot is difficult to explain but the drama begins when the Dark Elves, thought of as myths now, return and try to destroy the Nine Realms. This results in Jane becoming infected on Earth after opening a portal to another realm. The Dark Elves are too powerful and Thor looks to Loki for help. The scenes between the brothers are perfect, especially in the third act. Loki is such a brilliant character and all the loyal fans aside, it would be a shame if we never saw him again. There are some epic sequences in Greenwich which is the place that all things connect, obviously. The characters from the first Thor film are brought back in full force, apart from Hogun, and make a marvellous supporting cast, wouldn't be right without them. The film also included a very intriguing after credit scene with The Collector played by Benicio Del Toro, who is set to be in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. I was very excited about this, as its always exciting when new characters are introduced. To sum up, loved the film, a great Thor sequel and excellent instalment in the Marvel film plan! HIT

2. Catching Fire

Here is a special post about the awesome film. HIT

3. Blackfish

The fact that documentaries are being treated like mainstream blockbuster films, is a great sign of the times, especially when the films are of Blackfish's quality. This is a very emotional and, yes I am saying this, a powerful drama. Back in 2010, experienced trainer, Dawn Brancheau was killed by Tilikum, the orca whale who performs at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida. The films looks back at Tilikum's background from his capture, his life in captivity and the three deaths that surround him. The film also looks at the dangers of keeping orcas in captivity. Several former trainers from SeaWorld are interviewed about how the mammals where treated and the incident with Brancheau. A interview near the start of the film with a man who's job was to capture whales is truly upsetting, the man even becomes emotional explaining that it was like kidnapping a child from its family.

This film has influenced John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, the makers of the upcoming Pixar sequel, Finding Dory, to alter the ending of the film. After seeing Blackfish, the depiction of a marine park has been changed.

I thought this film was brilliant and tragic. I think I have a soft spot for marine life (especially seals) and this got to me. HIT

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  1. watched Blackfish at the weekend - so good but so sad x