Friday, 13 December 2013

Feeling Festive

Feeling very festive this past week. I've already started watching all the usual Christmas films.

I've written almost all my cards, finally wrapped up all but one of the presents, still waiting for the last one to arrive AND I've made the Christmas tags! I've gone for the snowman theme.

Tried to make all the snowmen different but all very jolly. They are my tags for the presents this year and they may appear on some of my Christmas cards.

Slightly inspired by the adorable snowman, Olaf, from Disney's new film Frozen, which I saw the other day. I used snowmen as my theme a few years back too when I made cupcakes, cards, tags and I think masks one year. I used to be in charge of the Christmas masks, we had different ones each year as well as name places. Ah, those were the Christmases.

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