Sunday, 15 December 2013

Seal Appeal

Unfortunately this isn't a happy seal of the week post.

I'm sure most people in the UK have heard about the seal crisis. More than 100 seal pups have been orphaned after the tidal surge on the Norfolk coast. Most of the pups are younger than 3 weeks old and cannot survive by themselves, some cannot even swim.

Before the surge volunteers counted 440 seal pups on the beach and after only 177. The good news on the other hand, the National Trust rangers at Blakeney Point, a famous and well populated seal colony, reported that the animals seemed to have escaped to higher ground as most seals were accounted for.

The pups were taken to East Winch Wildlife Centre near King's Lynn, where they will be cared for as long as 5 months.

The RSPCA have launched an appeal to help care for the seals. Click here for more information.

As soon as I heard of the news, I wanted to jump on a train and head over to volunteer but I don't think everyone cares about seals as much as I do. But I can donate. It costs £22 a week to feed a seal pup. I don't ever preach about charity and I try not to go overboard with causes, so please, if you, help the volunteers and those helpless pups.

After they have been looked after and are old enough, the seals will be returned to the wild. Let's help the volunteers out and keep those seal pups alive.

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