Sunday, 22 December 2013

4th Week of Advent - Tim Curry's Expressions, Home Alone 2

Cannot believe it! It is now only 3 days until Christmas!

As you can probably guess, it is the 4th and final week of Advent and I thought I'd share one of the best Christmas films and its secret weapon. Sorry its not Muppets Christmas Carol, I have been saving it for Christmas Eve. It's not even The Snowman. I can't wait to see The Snowman and Snowdog again this Christmas, repeats worth waiting for.

No, its Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The secret weapon? It's Tim Curry of course playing one of the hilarious concierge of Plaza Hotel. If its not his crazy smiles or funny expressions its the slap from Kevin's mum and his reaction that makes this film extra amazing.

This is one of the best scenes, Kevin is on the run, again, and distracts the hotel staff with his 'Angels With Even Dirtier Faces' film. Click here.

Other than working and watching Home Alone 2 a few times, I have just made some Christmas biscuits, I'll have to ice them tomorrow, and I'm still planning my pumpkin pie for Boxing day.

Update of the Dodo-mazing Advent Calendar, very excited to open the final door.

And my friend gave me the best present ever!!! Even though Frozen was not what I expected, I did love two very important characters, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman who loves Summer. He sings too!

Hoping to post one more time before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled before the wrapping paper starts flying everywhere and gallons of egg nog is consumed.

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